The Skills for Kids Mission

The progress of a child with special needs is possible at Skills for Kids because the team made of professionals, the parents and the children, work together in a comprehensive approach. This within the framework of a day program as well as one-to-one sessions.

Our centred personalised learning programs are designed to help them reach a fulfilling life, in a homey atmosphere where functional, social, and occupational skills are learned naturally with the aim of improving their daily living skills.

As parents, you learn to understand your children by observing them day in an day out. When things are not going as planned , children may “act out” by not doing what they are told. Or perhaps, they may seem overly anxious or become very withdrawn. There are many ways how children show that they are struggling and not coping.

When this happens, parents worry. They may also be faced with negative comments or complaints about their child from teachers, daycare workers, coaches, or other parents. This can be very upsetting for parents and can contribute to feelings of discouragement and uncertainty.

No matter what the behavior looks like in a child, parents will usually become concerned and want to seek help for their child. One of the best ways to help children with behavioral and emotional problems is through an approach that combine different one-to-one therapies.

At Skills for Kids we think that a combination between a day program and diverse therapies are likely to effectively help your children to embrace new skills.

The Skills for Kids Team

While working with children with special needs in Europe and in the Middle East for over 15 years, we realized the importance of having a comprehensive approach to support the child’s needs. And we made it our mission to help parents in preparing their child and teenager with special needs for inclusion in mainstream education and the community.

Two experienced professionals are leading the efforts of Skills for Kids to deliver outstanding education and care.

Karen Vantilborgh
Karen Vantilborgh Director of Education
Francine Luthi Haddad
Francine Luthi HaddadClinical Director